Since our creation, we uphold the diversity of products and humanized function and excellent quality, improve the quality of life and work, high quality improvement and innovation for the people service business purposes, committed to the growth of the LED lighting industry's most influential enterprises. Production and operation with the guidance of the "innovation and development, science and technology enterprise" business philosophy, adhere to the "internal science and technology progress, innovation and development, quality of survival, to management for efficiency" business principles, to increase the application of technology and product innovation, focus on the main business, so as to realize the technological innovation and the transformation of the upgrading of products driving the main business has maintained rapid growth, the scale of production in 2008 has, from the original 80 growth since about 830 people, the number of products from the production of 100 thousand sets of growth to the current annual production of 30 million sets of production, annual output from 1 million yuan (US $) rose to 30 million yuan (US $), rapid development the company keeps pace with the times, sales have maintained rapid growth steadily. In the future, the British Hengyu Technology Limited will grow into a research design, LED light source and lighting production, trade and sales for the main business, with hardware manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, packaging manufacturing, mold manufacturing auxiliary business high-tech enterprise group.
In 2012, with the international trend of energy saving and environmental protection and the implementation of the national energy-saving environmental protection policy, to LED (because of its high brightness, low heat, long life and other characteristics, known as the green lighting Guang Yuan twenty-first Century the most promising) has undergone a revolutionary change, for the leading product of the lighting industry in the face of the opportunities, the company by virtue of perspective and strategic forward-looking thinking, focus on innovation and development road "technology application and technical innovation, timely response to market changes and demand, make a significant improvement of product technology, production technology, manufacturing equipment manufacturing, promote comprehensive upgrade. At present, in order to realize the production automation, intelligent equipment, such as: LED Guang Yuan production equipment (SMT machine, reflow soldering machine, wave printing machine etc.), metal processing equipment (automatic polishing machine, Automatic laser welding machine), packaging materials production equipment (printing machine, cutting machine, etc.); the LED light source of energy saving and environmental protection cover one hundred percent of company products, have been gradually eliminated the production process and manufacturing equipment and traditional products; with the product technical innovation investment, manufacturing process and excellent industrial the equipment has automatic and intelligent investment company performance rapid and overall growth; at the same time, the company plans to implement the reform of independent brands have been successfully created, promote enterprises to turn to the emerging LED industry.
Now, the company has independent intellectual property rights of the international and domestic brand "Melitec" (Ming Litang), LED light source has been covering all lighting products; in Germany and Hongkong as international marketing center for business development and marketing network, and the Internet marketing channel e-commerce platform has already started and normal operation, effectively expand the domestic and international market. The division of multi-channel marketing network, a strong R & D team, high value-added technology products, automation of industrial equipment, advanced manufacturing technology strongly stimulate business performance to maintain rapid growth year after year. In the course of enterprise development and economic development cycle, the company's decision-making makers with high forward vision, sharp vision, wisdom and courage of Superman for enterprises in market competition, in the economic crisis, in the transformation and upgrading to seek broader development opportunities, adapt to market changes and promote the company in the rapid development of economy in the trend.