The organization is subject to the strategic principle of "based on", "the Secretary to implement centralized management, decentralized governance" management system, organization structure design room three (Department of a General Manager's Office; three Department: Engineering Department, manufacturing department, administrative and financial department). Company management by the board of directors and general manager responsible for the system, under the three Director (director of the engineering department, manufacturing department, director of administrative and financial department director) responsible for the decision to implement and execute company's business development strategy, the specific administration of planning, decision-making, command, coordination, control and other functions of the Department Manager is responsible for the functions of the target the current organization structure; the distribution relations and the operation of the organization, responsibilities and functions of the route. At present, in the premise of consistent aim, unified command ", carry forward the" organization responsibility, cooperation, innovation, development "team spirit", to fulfill their duties, mode of operation and communication, coordination and cooperation "organization, adhering to the enterprise" the application of technology as the core, with the emphasis on technological innovation and production as the manufacturing center, customer-oriented management concept, play business development, product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, material support, human resources support, administrative services, financial supervision organization effectiveness for the company's ten annual business development planning.
"Taking personal responsibility oriented, team performance oriented, customer value orientation, with the common enterprise oriented" is the management of the existing organization culture, organization operation in the "gung ho team" as the core values, to "innovative, efficient, cooperative, pragmatic" team spirit "results oriented" organizational performance goals, professionalism, dedication, responsibility for the organization "code of conduct,. At present, in the "centralized management, decentralized governance" management system, the organization members to actively implement the "who is in charge, who is responsible for the responsibility system, one hundred percent members of the organization responsible work attitude and good occupation accomplishment, consciously to perform the duties within the scope of the work post with responsibility (with a results oriented 24 h (responsibility management), to complete the duty scope of work post responsibility system (secretarial Affairs), with results as the center of responsibility results (R & D class), to benefit as the center of production responsibility system (production type)), actively play the overall effectiveness of the organization. To promote the organization's overall work efficiency," the pain and happy work!" It is the management culture of the organization.